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 We are very Sorry.                                                                         Community Style Acupuncture is closed at this present time.  "Community  Style Acupuncture is effective & affordable health care when you need it."

Community style acupuncture is a nation-wide movement that provides a model of affordable and effective acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatments. So far, acupuncture in the US has been traditionally given in a private treatment room, and since acupuncture is not commonly covered by insurance companies, most patients have to pay out-of-pocket.


Community style acupuncture offers an alternative.

Its benefits include:

  •    Patients can bring family and friends to be treated in a communal setting where healing energy is shared and amplified;
  •    Patients can afford to come in as often as necessary.

Thursday Community Acupuncture Clinic with Judy Joo

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